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Want to Experience JAPAN? I May Help You!

Guide Especially for Martial Arts and Tokusatsu Fans!!!

Hi, there!

I am a nationally licensed tour guide for people from outside Japan on a tour.

In my case, as I am a karate practitioner and a fan of tokusatsu (Japanese SFX films and shows), I may be able to guide you to places of interest for those who learn karate and other martial arts and love tokusatsu films and shows, for example, particular dojos you would like to visit or Nakano Broadway that is nicknamed as a “Mecca for the otaku (geeks)” and often visited by tokusatsu and anime lovers even from outside of Japan.

While these things should easily get out of hand for ordinary tour guides as they are not necessarily well-versed in those fields such as martial arts and tokusatsu.

Want to have fun with me by exploring exciting places that would surely inspire you according to your interests?

If so, why don’t you contact me through the CONTACT FORM to get in touch for your possibly unprecedented experience in Japan?


Guide Fee: \50,000/day (8hrs.) → \15,000/day (8hrs.) Just for Now!!!




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